Sabine Scherer

Sabine is project coordinator  and in charge of the contents and the overall implementation of the #DanubeVolunteers Bootcamp. As project coordinator of the teamGLOBAL network and education expert and initiator of various projects she has lots of experience in project management.

Duc Nguyen
Infinity / teamGLOBAL

Duc is a serial founder of social organisations, which focus on solving local problems with a global mindset. Before his business studies he was the head of the Lower Saxonian Youth Parliament and a peer-educator for teamGLOBAL. With his background on social entrepreneurship and education Duc is an ideal candidate to moderate our event.

Jakob Wolski
Infinity Deutschland

Jakob is Co-Founder of INFINITY Deutschland e.V., where he has acquired a broad knowledge pool around community management & engagement. He is working as a freelancer for the innovation consultancy KNOWEAUX Applied Futures ( and is passionate about redesigning social spaces and experiences around meaningful values.

Daniel Nyitray

Greenpeace Hungary

Daniel is a community campaigner at Greenpeace Hungary working closely with grassroots movements. His role is to support young climate activists to bring their ideas into reality. He already worked as a communications specialist and as urban green area campaigner at Greenpeace.

Ildikó Tóth

Budapest Bike Maffia

“Budapest Bike Maffia“ (BBM) is the most innovative civil society organisation in Hungary. They operate twelve projects with the mission to help people in need with food, clothes and other donations they need in the daily life. In the spirit of sustainable consumption, they distribute essential goods and furthermore help people in need to feel themselves as human. Their activities and projects come to life trough the enthusiastic, persisent work of more than one hundred volunteers.

Joshua Wiedmann
European Danube Academy / University of Tuebingen, Germany

Joshua is a Master of Education student and teacher trainee at University of Tuebingen. After working as a freelance journalist and PR manager in sports for several years, he is now in charge of media marketing for the „Danube School Series“ at the European Danube Academy.

Dorottya Víg
Andrássy Universität Budapest

Dori is a student of International Relations – European Studies at the Andrássy Universität Budapest. As a project assistant she is supporting the project coordinator especially at administrative tasks and is responsible for the communication between DENK GLOBAL! and Andrássy Universität.

Max Schwendemann

Max is DENK GLOBAL! associate is part of the organization team of the #DanubeVolunteers Bootcamp. He is an expert for public relations and political campaigning and as member of the teamGLOBAL he has gained experience with peer to peer education.

Paul F. Langer

Paul is one of the founders of DENK GLOBAL! and has been in charge of the funding and the accounts of its projects. For the last 15 years he was also involved in multiple Danube Region related projects mostly linked to his work for the European Danube Academy.

Nina Fries

Nina is in charge of the programme and methods of the #DanubeCampaings Bootcamp. She is CEO of DENK GLOBAL! and has extensive expertise in development of peer-education methods. Besides DENK GLOBAL! Nina is working in public education service.

Melani Barlai
Andrassy University Budapest

Melani is reseach associate at the Network of Political Communication (netPOL) at the Andrássy University in Budapest, Hungary. She is co-founder and coordinator of the Hungarian online voting advice tool “Vokskabin”. Melani holds a PhD in Political Sciences, her focus of research is voting advice and the political system in Hungary.

Oana Mouraoui

President & Co-Founder Romanian IT

Oana is a community builder with a focus on Tech and Innovation, for the past 4 years she has been developing communities of Romanian entrepreneurs and tech professionals worldwide and connecting them into a global network, Romanian IT. Together with her team, she is heavily involved in the Romanian tech & startup ecosystem and have built Romanian IT local chapters across Europe and the USA.
Her focus is on strengthening the relationship between the Romanian Tech Diaspora and the startup ecosystem back home by prioritizing the creation of collaborations and connections between companies, investors and startup players active in Romania and the Romanian entrepreneurs and tech professionals active abroad.
Next to that, she is working with a consultancy firm on EU grants, and was involved in several EU funded projects, working closely together with key ecosystem builders from across Europe, on a mission to set the stage for tomorrows startup success stories from our region.