People aged 18 to 27 who originate from, reside in or are in any other way linked to Danube countries, which are:

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine

Participants are expected to attend the whole workshop from August 26-29, 2019 in Budapest. It’s also required to prepare a short presentation of their project idea prior the workshop and to submit this in a few sentences when registering. Participants must organise their arrival and departure independently.

Participants who do not live Budapest will stay in shared rooms in a simple but modern hostel not far from Andrassy University where the workshop will take place. Participants who do not wish to share a room are asked to arrange accommodation at their own expense.

Participation fee, accommodation, half board (2 meals a day), a travel allowance up to 75 Euros (refunded upon presentation of travel receipts, please keep your tickets!)

If your travel costs exceed 75 Euros you need to pay the difference

Any further meals besides the ones provided must be paid for

Selection of the participants presumably will be in July. Participants will get an email confirming that they are accepted or on the waiting list

If you realise you cannot participate at the workshop anymore please let us know as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary costs. There will be a waiting list of applicants. In case your place cannot be filled you might have to pay the cancellation fees for the accommodation

Participants get input and support from experts in the relevant fields and create their own project. Check our programm for detailed informations.

We do our best to enable people with special needs to participate at our workshop without any limitations.