On 9 May 2019 in Sibiu, Romania, the guidelines for EU policy for the next five years were defined and activists from the worldwide “Fridays for Future” movement were also there to push for immediate action on climate protection. Their demands: The transition to a climate-neutral society should take place with immediate effect and should be implemented in a socially balanced and equitable way.

In many of the Danube countries, environmental protection and sustainability are rarely on the political agenda or on the social radar. There is only a limited amount of information available on these issues and there is a widespread lack of sensitivity to the need for a sustainable approach to nature and resources. The countries of eastern Europe along the Danube lack a strong civil society that is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

This is the starting point of the #DanubeVolunteers Bootcamp, which will take place from 26 August – 29 August in Budapest.

We want to encourage young people from all Danube countries who want to get involved in environmental protection and sustainability. During 4 days they have the possibility to network with one another and realising own projects to make their commitment visible. The goal is the empowerment of a young generation and the sustainable strengthening of civil society.

Instead of a selective workshop, the project aims to enable young multipliers to implement and consolidate long-term projects in their respective home regions. This will enable a large target group of young people in the Danube countries to identify options for action with regard to sustainability and environmental protection and to offer a platform for active involvement. The experiences of peers and experts from the different partner countries should help to build up long-term commitment and to evaluate and consolidate it on an ongoing basis.

The young participants bring in their ideas and ideals, the experts bring in their skills and experience, together we will work on sustainable campaigns that will be heard of!